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Unique Places to Get Married: Underwater

If your idea of a fairytale wedding is more “Little Mermaid” than “Cinderella,” the idea of getting married underwater might appeal to you. Intent on taking plunge? Try one of these underwater wedding destinations:

World’s Best Ski Destinations 2013

When it comes to a winter break, the prospect of icing-sugar snow wins out over pure-white sand for many. After all, why would you want to lounge on the beach, when you could be mainlining pure adrenaline on a snowy slope somewhere? We’ve found some of the best destinations around the world for you to choose from when planning your next vertical adventure.

Cheap Car Rental On The Increase

Excellent news for those who are taking a driving holiday around Europe this year and going into 2012 – based on Summer 2011 car rental rates, there are much more locations that offer cheap car hire compared to recent years.

Cheaper Car Hire – With No Booking Fee

Nova continues to be dedicated to its loyal and potential consumer base with not only continued added value to its supply base but also with the added bonus of no hidden booking fees when you book. Undoubtedly, it’s a win-win for you, the customer!