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Car Hire in Spain: 10 Scenic Drives

Spain is a country made for the epic drive. Big skies, open roads, and spectacular scenery stretching to the horizon mean that renting a car in Spain should be the experience of a lifetime. Stop and stare wherever you get the urge – that is the joy of car hire. Here are our favourite Spanish […]

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Sleeping in Airports: 5 Top Tips for Comfort

Whether you’ve been stranded there due to a delayed or cancelled flight or you just can’t/won’t pay to stay in a hotel for the night, sometimes you may find yourself in the unenviable position of having to sleep in an airport.  We’re not going to attempt to convince you that you can have a restful […]

Manhattan: A Winter Wonderland

Walk around New York in winter and you might feel as if you are on the set of Miracle on 34th Street or some other Christmas movie. The air is crisp, the lights are sparkling, and shop windows beckon with bright, cosy delights. Read our guide to places to visit and things to do if […]

Driving in Winter: 5 Top Tips for Safe Car Hire

Driving in winter brings its own special hazards: Poor visibility, heavy rain, strong winds, ice, snow, and plunging temperatures all mean you need to drive with extra caution. Keep everyone safe the next time you rent a car in winter by following our simple tips: Prepare for your journey Check the latest traffic reports issued […]

Porto: What You Should Know Before You Go

Many people think of the golden beaches of the Algarve when Portugal is mentioned, but there is a lot more to this Iberian country than that. Porto (or Oporto) is a coastal city at the mouth of the Douro river, 200 miles north of Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, and 100 miles south of Spain. If […]