Super Scenic Drives for 2013

For some, driving is the monotonous task of getting from A to B, but there is a breed of people that welcomes and revels in the thought of driving on challenging roads and getting the most out of their vehicles, all while surrounded by breath-taking views.

Paris For Romance

Okay, so Valentine’s Day in Paris may sound like a bit of a cliché, but if you’re fortunate enough to be heading to the world capital of romance with somebody significant, you won’t be disappointed.

European Winter Sun Destinations

Summer never came, and now winter seems to want to go on forever, so you really need a reminder of what that giant golden ball in the sky looks like. You don’t need to go far for that dose of winter sun, however. Some of the balmier resorts in Europe at this time of year include Gran Canaria, Malta, Madeira, and Cyprus.

Travel Guide To Singapore

If you love shopping, you have come to the right city, but there is a lot more to Singapore than glossy mega-malls. Feeling a little grey and peaky? Then you’ll love the fact that Singapore’s tropical climate means you can enjoy hot, humid weather, even in the depths of our winter. Temperatures average around 27C (81F), so you can leave that blue-tinged complexion behind. Pick up your Nova rental car, roll down the windows, and explore must-see attractions from of this Southeast Asian gem.

Travel Tips for Switzerland

With typical efficiency, Switzerland’s road system is so excellent you could drive from one end of the country to the other in a day – but you wouldn’t see much. For a real flavour of this wonderful Alpine gem, your holiday should include car hire Switzerland and visit the cities of Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Lausanne, and Geneva.

Driving Rules & Regulations in Austria

With an exceptional road system and stunning scenery on all sides, Austria is a wonderful location for driving. You will find renting a car is the best way to tick off all the must-see destinations on your list, but make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the road in Austria first. Drivers from outside […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a delightfully flat country with an excellent, road network, making it the ideal destination for an enjoyable driving break. Giving you the freedom to explore local sights at your own pace, car hire in the Netherlands makes perfect sense. Here are the main points to remember when driving in the Netherlands: Drive […]

Self-Drive Day Trips From Dublin

Like most capital cities, Dublin is ringed with bland and boring motorways, but – unlike most capital cities – a short drive takes you to the heart of the countryside. Dublin car hire will take you away from the capital to enjoy some of our favourite Dublin day trips.

Driving Rules & Regulations in Norway

Head north to the ultimate escape, with car hire in Norway. Driving in this magnificent Scandinavian country means you can explore the celebrated fjords and see the soaring mountains and glaciers at first hand. Read on for further information that will make your Norwegian driving experience even more spectacular: Drive on the right. Speed limits […]