Explore Timeless Tokyo

Japan is like nowhere else on earth. This exotic island nation in the Pacific Ocean is home to a unique culture that delights in fusing the ancient and the cutting edge, celebrating a national character that is scarily determined but exceptionally welcoming. And the scenery is pretty stunning too.

6 Things To Do In Budapest

Clustered on the sparkling edges of the romantic Danube, Budapest is Central Europe’s most stunning city. Studded with gems of Baroque, Neoclassical, and Art Nouveau architecture, Budapest is a haven of attractive parks, fascinating museums, pleasure boats, and Turkish baths.

Adventure in Australia

At Nova Car Hire, we’re all for packing as much as possible into the limited time most of us can spend on holiday, but even we won’t try to argue that you can rent a car and see Australia in a fortnight. Not only is Australia so big you could fit the entire continent of Europe into it, and still have plenty of space to spare, its attractions are spread right across the country.

Driving Rules & Regulations in Thailand

Driving in Thailand is truly an adventure, but make sure the excitement is caused by the exotic scenery and not by any complications on the roads! Read our guide to driving in Thailand for a smoother car hire experience: You must be at least 18 to drive in Thailand, but car rental companies stipulate different age limits, […]

See Cyprus with Nova Car Hire

Rent a car in Cyprus, and you will discover a country that likes to mix things up. Cyprus has all the laid-back luxury you would expect from a European Mediterranean paradise, but its closeness to Africa and Asia gives it an exotic edge.

World’s Best Ski Destinations 2013

When it comes to a winter break, the prospect of icing-sugar snow wins out over pure-white sand for many. After all, why would you want to lounge on the beach, when you could be mainlining pure adrenaline on a snowy slope somewhere? We’ve found some of the best destinations around the world for you to choose from when planning your next vertical adventure.

Driving Rules & Regulations in Germany

Germany’s autobahn system is world famous, so if you are planning to hire a car in Germany in the near future – lucky you! With miles of routes of exceptional quality and vast tracts of stunning countryside to admire, Germany is a driver’s dream. New traffic regulations introduced in March 2013 have reduced excessive signage on the […]

Super Scenic Drives for 2013

For some, driving is the monotonous task of getting from A to B, but there is a breed of people that welcomes and revels in the thought of driving on challenging roads and getting the most out of their vehicles, all while surrounded by breath-taking views.

Paris For Romance

Okay, so Valentine’s Day in Paris may sound like a bit of a cliché, but if you’re fortunate enough to be heading to the world capital of romance with somebody significant, you won’t be disappointed.