Five non-Olympic Things to do in London During the Olympic Games

A certain four-yearly sporting event of Greek origin means that, from late July to mid August 2012, the atmosphere in London is going to be even more electric than usual. If you’d like to experience that lively buzz, but the thought of all those sports leaves you in a cold sweat, London still has plenty to offer the non-sports fan this summer.

Driving Rules & Regulations in Egypt

From pristine beaches and shimmering deserts to enigmatic tombs and towering pyramids, Egypt brings out the explorer in everyone. Car hire in Egypt allows you to indulge that inner explorer and discover the true delights of this fascinating country. Read on for some useful driving tips: Drive on the right-hand side of the road. Traffic […]

Win an iPad with Nova!

To celebrate the launch of our new website we are giving away a brand new iPad. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is enter our giveaway on our Facebook wall.

Driving Rules & Regulations in French Guiana

With car hire in French Guiana, you’re free to discover a country of graceful colonial architecture, a fascinating prison camp history, and some of the most varied flora and fauna in the world. Read on for driving tips that will make your car hire experience even sweeter: Drive on the right. Follow generally accepted driving […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Aruba

If you want to get away from the major resorts that dominate Aruba’s tourist industry, you really need to drive. Car hire in Aruba will bring you to spectacular, windswept vistas, empty beaches, and the peculiar wonders of Arikok National Wildlife Park. Read on for some tips on driving in Aruba: Drive on the right […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Zimbabwe

Many are put off the idea of travelling to Zimbabwe by the country’s severe economic problems and the dire situation facing most of its population, but this is one of southern Africa’s most magnificent countries, and Zimbabweans are exceptionally welcoming to the visitors who do make the effort. Car hire in Zimbabwe will help you […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Serbia

From cosmopolitan Belgrade and magnificent Orthodox monasteries to the picturesque landscapes of Devil’s Town and the rustic wine cellar village at Rajac, Serbia is a rewarding destination for a driving tour. Car hire in Serbia means you can enjoy the beautiful hiking trails, mouthwatering cuisine, and distinctive festivals at your own pace. Make your Serbian […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Latvia

Get to know the real Latvia in a rental car from Nova Car Hire, but take note of the following driving information first: Drive on the right. Speed limits range from 50 km/h in built-up areas to 90km/h on the open road. Speed cameras are in use throughout the state. You can drive on an […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Japan

Japan’s exceptionally efficient public transport system does not extend outside places like Osaka and Tokyo, but once you venture beyond the major urban centres, you will find Eastern delights waiting to be explored. Car hire in Japan gives you the option to discover, with traditional cities like Osaka and Kyoto deserving their worldwide fame. Get […]