Driving Rules & Regulations in Turkey

From Istanbul’s skyline of domes and minarets and the Roman ruins scattered along the western and southern coasts, to the beaches of Antalya and the Mediterranean seaside resorts and the magical mountains of Eastern Black Sea, Turkey is perfect for a driving holiday. Car hire in Turkey means you can create your own Turkish experience. […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Romania

From the fairytale Danube River to the picturesque medieval towns of Transylvania and the buzz of Bucharest, Romania is perfect for a road trip. With car hire in Romania, you can decide just where to spend your time, whether that means heading to the Black Sea, marvelling at the famous painted monasteries of Bucovina or […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Croatia

Croatia has that elusive combination of sophistication and old-style authenticity that is best uncovered while travelling under your own steam. Car hire in Croatia gives you access to sunny beaches, cultural gems, historic architecture, and age-old folk heritage. Here are some driving tips to help you along: Drive on the right. Speed limits range from […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Syria

Syria has an abundance of important historical sites, with Unesco World Heritage sites from the age-old cities of of Damascus, Aleppo, and Bosra to the stunning, ruined city of Palmyra. Car hire in Syria means  you can explore magnificent Crusader castles, fascinating medieval souks, pretty Damascene houses, and mysterious Umayyad mosques at your own pace. […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Slovenia

With car hire in Slovenia, you can discover snow-capped peaks, emerald-green rivers, and an Adriatic coastline inspired by Venice, as well as an enchanting combination of cultural sophistication presented with a rural, country charm. Make your Slovenian car hire experience even better with the following driving information: Drive on the right. Speed limits range from […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Oman

A fresher alternative to the bling of the United Arab Emirates, Oman is emerging as the new destination for the sophisticated jet set. Driving a pleasantly air-conditioned car is a great way to see its multitude of forts and museums. With car hire in Oman, you’re never far from where you want to go. Read […]

Driving Rules & Regulations in Denmark

If you want to take in the major attractions around Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, or explore the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense on neighbouring Funen, you’re better off touring by car. Driving in Denmark is fairly straightforward, but it’s worth bearing the following in mind: Keep your driving licence, rental car […]