Top Resorts Of The Algarve

The Algarve is the most southernly region in Portugal – in fact it might be bordered by the Atlantic but it posesses all the ingredients of a classic Mediterranean vacation – clean and golden beaches, plenty of sun and warm waters! The Algarve has something for everyone – whether you are going for a golfing break, […]

Discover The Top Resorts of Cyprus

The exotic Eastern Mediterranean Island of Cyprus is a paradise for tourists – with attractions dating from ancient times, from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine ages, and sun drenched beaches that are hard to keep away from! The island is home to some of the most wonderful resorts and beaches you will ever come across […]

Discover The Top Attractions Of Portugal

When it comes to a relaxing break in Portugal, you will be spoilt for choice. Despite being a relatively small country, there are treasures inherent here that you will remember for a lifetime! The country features cities with ancient attractions, castles and palaces, wonderful scenery with a diverse landscape from mountainous regions to river valleys, […]

Travel Guide To Murcia

Murcia is a travel destination that has not been marketed as a package destination as much as other parts of Spain, very surprising as there are many locations in this region that are the hidden gems of Spain’s mainland! There is no doubt that Murcia City and the Murcia are region are fast growing and will surely be major […]

Malaga’s Best Beaches

The major port location of Malaga is located along the southern coast of Spain, on the Costa del Sol and given its location you are guaranteed plenty of sunshine, warm sands and a taste of Spain! With over 300 days of sunshine almost guaranteed all year round, the hardest thing you, the tourist, will have to do […]

The Best Beaches Of Alicante

The wonderful sunshine location of Alicante lies on the Costa Blanca, on the east coast of Spain. With its position on the Mediterranean seaboard, the location has long been renowned as an excellent vacation destination for couples and families alike. So what are the best beaches that you can relax on or take a stroll […]

2010 World Cup South Africa – The Group Stages

With less than 100 days to the biggest international tournament in world football, to say that the opening games of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa are eagerly awaited does a disservice to the growing excitement of football fans throughout the world! South Africa is the first southern hemisphere country to host the tournament […]

Travel Guide To Almeria

Eight regions comprise the southern Andalucian region of Spain, and Almería is one of these. It is the most easterly province of the region and is bordered by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Almería region is not as developed tourist wise as the likes of the Costa del Sol for example, but […]

Discover The Top Attractions Of Malaga

The city of Malaga is located at the centre of the Costa Del Sol Region and has all the ingredients required for a wonderful holiday. The Malaga region boasts the highest average temperatures throughout Spain and enjoys around 300 days of sunshine every year! Not only does it have attractive beaches, but also being the birthplace […]