20 Things You Never Knew About South Africa

South Africa is definitely one of the up and coming top destinations in Africa. With the Soccer World Cup being held there in 2010, it will definitely be on the world stage. So to help you learn more about South Africa we have made this list of interesting facts that you may not have known […]

St. Patrick’s Footsteps Driving Tour

The life of Ireland’s National Saint has been well documented, from his early life in slavery to his ordainment and conversion of the pagan Irish to Christianity. There are many places in Ireland that are associated with the Saint, each with a story to tell relating to his life. Fancy walking in the footsteps of the […]

St. Patrick’s Day – Where Are You Celebrating?

March 17th is the feast day of Ireland’s National Saint – the day when Irish people celebrate their nationality and when everyone around the world wants to be Irish! There are festivals taking place in cities all over the world, so where are you “drowning the shamrock”? It is now time to get out those green […]

The Best Spots to Enjoy Surfing in the UK

The UK is not known for its surf culture, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it has so much to offer from a watersports point of view! The water is generally cool, even in summer time but don’t let this small issue bother your enjoyment of the wonderful ocean swells! From Lands End to John […]

Top 10 Walking Trails in England

Fancy some quality time trekking in the great outdoors? The UK has plenty of wonderful trails along which you can take in stunning views. So get yourself a good map and a reliable pair of walking boots, and off you go! To help you on your way we’ve put together a list of our favourite […]

What are the Top UK Resorts in 2009?

Traditionally, Britons used to stay close to home when it came to came to holidaying. These bygone decades saw a boom in local industry with activity based holidays – cycling, rambling and hiking. Millions flocked to the beach resorts of Margate, Blackpool and Brighton. Will this surge be repeated in the year 2009? Industry experts […]

UK Travel – Are Brits Staying at Home in 2009

In these tough economic times, UK travellers are becoming more and more prudent about their spending on luxury goods and especially that foreign holiday. All the evidence points towards British consumers staying at home in 2009 and also in hope of boosting the local economy. Read on for more… 2009 sees a very tough tourism […]

Highway 1 – The Ultimate Road Trip in Australia

Highway 1 is Australia’s coastal road that circumnavigates the whole country. It connects all the major cities and gets pretty much all the attractions of this vast county into one unforgettable road trip! Australia’s Highway 1As Highway 1 is Australia’s coastal road, you will be able to start from anywhere and end up back where you started. […]

5 Things to Know About Fuel & Filling Up in South Africa

The best way to explore South Africa is by car. Here are 5 important things you should know before you start your travels in South Africa.  Fuel & Filling Up in South Africa 1. Fill up whenever possible: It’s a big country and there may be a large distance between petrol stations (it can be hundreds of kilometres). […]

A Guide to the Best Beaches in France

France has some of the most beautiful beaches so if you’re looking for a relaxing sun holiday or a surfing beach or maybe a secluded and romantic beach, some where in France, there is the perfect beach destination for you! Here is just a taste of some of the top beaches on offer in France… Best Beaches in […]