Driving Rules & Regulations in Greece

Offering everything from sun-kissed beaches and great food to unforgettable ancient attractions and buzzing nightlife, Greece is a dream destination. Avoid the hassle of public transport and create your own itinerary with car hire in Greece. Here we tell you some of the things you need to know when using the Greek road network: Drive […]

10 Tips for First-Time Visitors to San Francisco

With iconic attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, unique neighbourhoods, excellent food, and great foods, San Francisco is a visitor magnet for more than 10 million travellers a year. If you plan on joining their ranks and embarking on a San Francisco car hire adventure, avoid making an impression for all the wrong reasons. Here’s […]

Acqua Alta in Venice: What You Need to Know About High Water

In a city where the buses are boats (vaporetti), you might expect a little water underfoot, but October and November 2012 saw Venice undergo one of its worst ever bouts of periodic flooding. Last year’s acqua alta attracted widespread attention in the world’s media, but the prospect of waterlogging should not cast a cloud over […]

Where’s Great to Go in November?

You would be forgiven for thinking that nothing happens in November, that it’s a kind of pause between the heady days of summer and the party bubble of Christmas, but you would be wrong. November is a time of festivals and exploration, a time when some destinations drop the temperatures and the crowd levels to […]

Boo!: The World’s Most Haunted Cities

It’s that time of year again, when all things otherworldly take on a new significance and things seem to go bump in the night with great intensity. Read on for our guide to the world’s most haunted cities.

Middle East Sun Destinations

Camels plodding across a searing desert, the flash of a kohl-rimmed eye from a veiled face, the pungent scent of burning frankincense – the Middle East conjures up countless exotic images, not least of which is sunshine.  Lots of very hot sunshine.  In this instalment of our Winter Sun series, we take you to some […]

Unique Places to Get Married: Underwater

If your idea of a fairytale wedding is more “Little Mermaid” than “Cinderella,” the idea of getting married underwater might appeal to you. Intent on taking plunge? Try one of these underwater wedding destinations: