Tips for Driving Out Of London Heathrow Airport

London is one of the biggest cities in the world. Luckily Heathrow Airport is located on the outer fringes of the city so getting out isn’t as difficult as travelling out of the city centre. Read our top tips. The airport is located very close to the M4 and M25 motorways, so these can get you basically […]

Cairns – Savannah Way Driving Tour

Planning a visit to Cairns? The Savannah Way is a fantastic way to explore Australia’s Northern Territory. It stretches about 3,500km from Cairns in the North East, to the town of Broome in Western Australia. Read on for more… The Savannah Way route is along the Australian Highway 1. Taking a self-drive tour of the Savannah […]

Public Transport from London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow is quite a large airport with 5 Terminals scattered throughout the grounds. Read on to find out the best way to travel between Terminal buildings and how to get to/from Heathrow Airport. Getting around London Heathrow Airport by Public Transport As a major hub for world travel, the odds are you may be looking to transfer […]

London Heathrow Airport – Guide to the Terminals

London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in Europe and handles more international flights than any other airport in the world. Read our airport guide. As if being the busiest airport in Europe wasn’t intimidating enough, with the recent opening of Terminal 5 there is an ongoing shuffling of airlines between the terminals to minimise travel […]

Adelaide – Explorer’s Highway Driving Tour

If you’re visiting Australia, and thinking of taking a driving tour, one of the most memorable routes is the Explorer’s Highway from Adelaide to Darwin. You’re guaranteed breathtaking scenery, a host of top attractions, and best of all; you can travel at your own pace! The Explorer’s Highway, also known as the Stuart Highway, is […]

Australia Travel Tips – Canberra by car hire

Planning a visit to Canberra? You don’t just have to base yourself in the city. Book your very own car hire and discover what’s to see and do in the area surrounding the city. Go off the beaten track, spend as much time as you like in any given spot. Heading out of the city you’ll […]

Sydney – Pacific Coast Drive

The Pacific Coast Drive is a must when in Australia and runs from Sydney up to Brisbane. This world famous scenic route will take you through picturesque coastal towns and villages and you can enjoy golden sandy beaches along the way. This 950km coastal route follows the Number 1 National Highway along the coast of […]

Barrier Free Tolling on the M50

Earlier on this year the Irish Roads Authority removed the barriers on the M50 tollway and introduced eFlow; a system of electronic payment of tolls for using the Motorway which orbits the city of Dublin. Up until midnight on the 31st of August 2008 you’d have to queue up at the tollbooth plaza and throw your fee into a basket before […]

Travel Tips Australia – Canberra Top Attractions

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is the largest inland city and the country’s 8th most populous city overall. It’s located between Sydney and Melbourne, which were the two contenders for the capital city of Australia in 1908; Canberra was chosen as a compromise. Canberra was a planned city, which is somewhat unusual compared to other Australian cities that grew in a […]

Melbourne – The Great Ocean Road Driving Tour

Located approximately 100km South West of Melbourne is the world famous Great Ocean Road. Stretching 273km and boasting spectacular views over the Victoria coastline it’s one of the world’s most scenic driving routes. So what are you waiting for…pick up your car hire and discover the south east coast of Australia from behind the wheel!  […]