South Africa Activity Break – Golfing

The game of golf is over 500 years old having been invented in Scotland. Since then golf has enjoyed much success with golf courses becoming popular tourist attractions in almost every country in the world. South Africa is no different and is home to many fine golf courses and it has produced some of the […]

South Africa Activity Break – Fishing

Fishing is one of those all time classic pursuits and South Africa is definitely a top choice if you would like to travel abroad to indulge your favoured pastime. Even if you are not into fishing and are travelling with someone who is, many of these places will have other activities to keep you entertained. […]

Driving on South African Roads

The roads of South Africa vary greatly in their quality and the rules of the road might be a little different to what you are used to, so we have thrown together this simple guide on what you can expect when you take your car out on the road on your trip to South Africa. […]

South African Driving Culture

Driving in another country can be more difficult than driving at home for the simple reasons such as different laws and the less easily identified differing driving cultures. Hopefully this guide will ease your concerns about South African Driving Culture before your trip to South Africa and aid in making it a memorable trip. Tips […]

Guide to Johannesburg International Airport

Johannesburg Airport, the official name is OR Tambo International Airport, is the largest airport in South Africa and the busiest on the continent with almost 20 million passengers moving through the airport in 2007! More than 40 airlines fly regular flight to and from here, including South African Airlines; South Africa’s largest international and domestic […]

Guide to Durban International Airport

Anyone who has spent a lot of time in airports knows that sometimes they can be a tedious place to have to wait around. Of course this need not always be the case and this guide should hopefully help unlock the potential of Durban International Airport. Durban International Airport, formerly Louis Botha Airport, is the […]

Guide to Cape Town International Airport

Airports can be a daunting experience for anyone, even the most experienced travellers. This guide has been put together in the hope that it might help you in your trip through the airport and minimise the amount of time you have to spend in the airport so that you have more time to enjoy on […]

South Africas Top Attractions

South Africa is the richest country in Africa and is one of the top destinations on the continent, with so much to offer the adventurous tourist. There are many places that would qualify as top attractions for South Africa but we have compiled a list of the attractions we feel are a must see on […]

South Africas Top Attractions – Soweto

Soweto was the site of some of some of the most severe repression during the Apartheid Era and it remains one of the most important historical sites with respect to this time. SowetoSoweto is an urban district of Johannesburg and the name is an abbreviation for SOuth WEstern TOwnships. Soweto has as long a history […]