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Sydney – aka the Harbour City is Australia’s largest city and is also the state capital of New South Wales; Australia’s oldest, founded as a penal colony in 1788, and most populous state. The city is also known for being cosmopolitan and multicultural, due to its popularity with immigrants. Because of this the city is […]

Guide to Perth International Airport

Perth Airport is the Domestic and International gateway to the city of Perth, isolated as it is way out on the western coast of Australia. Because of this remote position the airport is the most likely entrance point that you will probably need for when you are visiting the city. The airport is the 4th […]

From Perth by Car Hire

Perth – is the capital of Western Australia which is the biggest of Australia’s states. It accounts for a third of Australia’s landmass though it only has about 10% of its population. This is probably because much of the interior of the state is desert but the coastal areas, including Perth (which is home to […]

Guide to Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne is not served by one airport but by two! They are Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (international and domestic airport) 22kms from the city centre and Melbourne Avalon Airport (currently only domestic) about 60kms from the city. This article will review Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. Melbourne Tullamarine Airport is the countries 2nd busiest airport after Sydney Airport. […]

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Melbourne – is Australia’s second largest city and is the capital of Victoria. Victoria is the smallest mainland state but is just a little bit smaller than the combined UK. While the city is not as “happening” as Sydney is reputed to be, it still has many rewards for the adventurous tourist. While you are […]

Guide to Brisbane Airport

Airports in general tend to be chaotic affairs, so here’s a guide we hope will make your experience at Brisbane Airport that bit easier. Brisbane Airport is the only airport serving Brisbane and is one of the busiest in the country. You will find both the International and Domestic terminals here so you can arrive in Australia and then […]

From Brisbane by Car Hire

Brisbane – is the third largest and fastest growing city in Australia and is the capital of Queensland (the pointy one in the north-east). Perhaps not the first place you think of when planning a holiday in Australia but it has a lot to offer the adventurous tourist. Before you head out and explore the […]

South Africa Activity Break – Hiking

There is no better way of exploring a country than by getting out and trekking it on foot. Whether you are climbing a mountain or just rambling through the wilderness, this is how you get a feel for a new country such as South Africa and you will certainly feel better about it at the end […]

South Africa Activity Break – Golfing

The game of golf is over 500 years old having been invented in Scotland. Since then golf has enjoyed much success with golf courses becoming popular tourist attractions in almost every country in the world. South Africa is no different and is home to many fine golf courses and it has produced some of the […]

South Africa Activity Break – Fishing

Fishing is one of those all time classic pursuits and South Africa is definitely a top choice if you would like to travel abroad to indulge your favoured pastime. Even if you are not into fishing and are travelling with someone who is, many of these places will have other activities to keep you entertained. […]