Best Ways to Stay Awake on Long Drives

Travelling extensively is a great way to expand your horizons – but it can also involve some pretty long and tedious car journeys. So how do you remain safely alert when you know you’re going to be stuck behind the wheel for hours? Next time you rent a car, try some of these useful tips: […]

Long Drives with Kids: How Not to Go Mad

Anyone who has gone on a long car journey with kids knows how tempting it is to abandon the entire trip as a bad idea before you’ve even left your street. If they’re not bickering or fighting for control of the Nintendo, they’re whining for food or toilet breaks or threatening to get sick.  And […]

Top Tips For Fuel-Efficient Driving

Your car’s mileage per gallon is not some mysterious figure over which you have no control: It changes according to a range of influences. Here are some fuel-saving tips

Island Hopping in Europe

If you’re starting to forget what that golden ball in the sky looks like, rent a car on one of Europe’s sunny islands, and leave the misery behind.

Best Beaches in Europe

Sun, sea, and sand are the basics for any beach holiday, but after that, it’s up to you. Do you like lively nightlife and familiar foods at your choice of resort? Here are the most popular beach destinations in Europe.